Concept/Visual Development Artist

The Elusive Hunter Pt.2

Designing the elusive hunter was a bit of back and forth between 2D and 3D. Lately these days, I’ve enjoyed the process of starting with rough 2D sketch thumbnails to figure out big read designs. 2D can go very fast at this stage of the design and it helps me get the idea down on paper.

After building out my 2D sketches, I select my favorite design iteration and use that as a design map. For example, with the elusive hunter’s 2D sketches I knew I had design his blaster pistol, holsters, belt, and everything that could hold screen time importance.

Designing the blaster pistol started off with rough 2D sketches that were used a template to model in Modo. From there I could easily kitbash different blaster variations with a kitbash kit I modeled primarily for this project.

I feel that there’s still more opportunity to revise and build on the elusive hunter. Primarily I would like to rework some of the costuming element to make the overall appearance feel more unique than derivative.