Concept/Visual Development Artist

Slice of Life - A Walk Among Victorians

For the next installment of my Slice of Life project, I wanted to design some fun stylized Victorian architecture. During this project I also wanted to test out some new workflows which included using Blender and Procreate. Blender can seem a bit confusing on the first try, but with Heavypoly’s config set (Vaughn Ling) which is adapted to Modo users, transitioning from Modo to Blender wasn’t too bad. In addition, I did enjoy how easily it was to get some nice base renders within Blender. In addition to using Blender, I wanted to try out Procreate for the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil to push my designs further.

Aside from all the tech talk, this was a great exercise in shape, color, and functional design. I really do love the Victorian era and I can’t wait to flesh out more ideas within this genre.