Concept/Visual Development Artist

A Daughter's Request

One of the ideas I was playing with for The Little Mermaid was this idea that mer-folk were people of the sea and space-faring as well. I had this “what-if” idea where maybe hundreds of years ago the mer-folk emergency landed on Earth and dove straight into the sea. One of the big reasons I brought this angle to this story was to provide a contrast to the more ordinary land-dwelling people. In addition, it was a fun challenge to bring a more sci-fi element to the mermaid culture. In this environment keyframe, we see the little mermaid approach her father in his throne room aboard his spaceship. I felt that this would play well with the storyline where the little mermaid would try to convince her father that she wanted to live on land with the help of the sea witch. I tried to create a sense of emotion of overprotectiveness coming from her father and his dissatisfaction towards the little mermaid’s actions.